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Become a friend of St Oswald's and help us to preserve one of the country's finest churches for the benefit of future generations. St Oswald’s Church is a landmark in the village of Ravenstonedale in Cumbria. It has served the community for centuries, providing shelter, education, religious and social care; a place in which to worship, and to mark personal milestones such as christenings, weddings and funerals.

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The churchyard is also an important part of our community, serving as a final resting place for many generations of all and denominations. The remains of the 13th century monastic Gilbertine cell remind us of the parish’s historic past.

St Oswald’s church was built in 1738 to replace an earlier church. Its fascinating Georgian interior is an historic survival and is becoming increasingly rare as more churches become modernised. Important features include a 3-tiered pulpit, inward facing oak pews, the chancel arch and south porch from the earlier church and a memorial window commemorating Elizabeth Gaunt a member of the longstanding local Fothergill family who was the last woman to be burnt at the stake at Tyburn for her faith. In consequence of its architectural and historic importance St Oswald’s is a Grade I listed building and the medieval monastic remains are scheduled monuments.

St Oswald's Ravenstonedale St Oswald's Ravenstonedale St Oswald's Ravenstonedale

St Oswald’s is a place to enjoy. Situated in the heart of the village beside the Scandal beck in a tranquil churchyard, which serves as a haven for wildlife, it holds a very special place in the parish.

The cost of conserving and maintaining St Oswald’s church and artefacts, the churchyard, boundary walls and monastic ruins rests solely upon the congregation’s weekly contributions, regular fundraising events and the generosity of others. Unfortunately the costs outstrip income. Your contribution would help to ensure the continuation of St Oswald’s now and for future generations. To let such an historic building fall into disrepair and decay would be an irredeemable loss to the heritage and identity of this community. Thank you for your support.

Gilbertine Ruins

In the grounds of St Oswald's there are some Gilbertine ruins which have been excavated to form a very impressive glimpse of history.

Gilbertine Monastic Ruins, St Oswald's Church, Ravenstonedale

Strictly speaking it was not a monastery but a house.